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Mobile technology for guided tours

We offer the full range of services linked to the audio guided tour, from the production of commentaries adapted to this very particular medium, to the development of “tailor-made” hardware and software systems.  We offer a wide range of products and services that allow you to set up, according to your budget, an exceptional visit assistance (audio guide, multimedia video guide, radio guide system).

AT THE SERVICE OF YOUR PROJECT! … From the "classic"  personalized audio guide to the tailor-made production!

Expertise and know-how

Our main fields of activity, which fall within the recreational, industrial and commercial business, are:

  •   Logistics and project management for guided tours;

  •   The design and production of thematic routes;

  •   Rental or sale of specialized equipment for self-guided tours;

  •   Tailor-made audiovisual solutions.


Audiotelecom brings together a team of project managers, soundtrack producers, programming and technical editing technicians.  The firm also rely on a large pool of resource people in writing, translation, graphics and screenwriting.  As part of its mandates, it joins forces with people whose expertise is recognized in theatrical, museum and university circles, in addition to ensuring the selection of professional actors and actresses who embody the characters created by the artists and screenwriters.

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Consultant - Multimedia integration 

In collaboration with your internal resources, Audiotelecom offers the following services:

  • Validate the choice, relevance and compatibility of equipment already on site and propose alternatives if necessary;

  • Ensure coordination with the elements including mechanical and electrical systems for the integration and interconnection of future equipment;

  • Prepare plans and specifications in the form of a document for a call for tenders including a list of equipment as well as their location;

  • Provide shop drawings;

  • Analyze the conformity of the bids received;

  • Monitor installation work and commissioning of systems;

  • Accept the work.


Recording studio

Audiotelecom can provide a professional recording studio as well as a pool of experienced composers, musicians and arrangers who will meet all your needs.  

Our services include among others:

  • Live recording of a multi-track musical performance

  • Narration

  • Sound editing and mixing

  • Musical arrangements and creation of sound tracks

  • Sound effects and sound design

Demo - multilingual
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Demo - Parks and museums
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Demo - Religious heritage
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What our customers say...

Thank you very much for your service on Saturday! Our day went very well and it is largely thanks to your product! »

            - Miralis Kitchen

We received our radio guide kit... It's amazing! We tested it and it is perfect. Thank you so much! »

            - University of Montreal

We are very satisfied with the system, our teachers are very happy with the result. »

            - Lutherie-Bruand Guitar

Hi Pascal, just a short message to mention that our visit was a great success last night and your equipment worked 100%, everyone appreciated the ease of use. »

           - Artopex


Loved the audio tour. It made the experience even better. Glad I was able to visit.

            - Ninepipes Museum visitor

The personalized audio brings it all to life!

            - Ninepipes Museum visitor

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